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Foundation 4 & IE8

13 Aug 2013

Shane Woodward's Foundation Shim30/05/2014

A coworker of mine at They, Shane Woodward, released a shim that provides out of box support for Foundation 5 (and 4) by swapping in elements of Foundation 3 on the fly. Saves hours of time and enables out of box support for users still on IE8 (alas they are still numerous enough to support – especially within certain audiences).

View on Github

Zurb is no longer providing IE8 support with Foundation. Generally this is good news – signs of a changing browser landscape. However, some sites have a readership comprised mainly by IE8 users. Updating or building a site for an audience that is likely to still be using an older browser means IE8 support is a requirement.

Getting Foundation and IE8 to Play Nice

Zurb Blog The Zurb team sums up what one of their students proposed during a training session. The student proposed using Foundation 3 (F3) for IE8 support running along side Foundation 4 (F4). Zurb’s post details how to setup the proper conditionals. Ryan Riddle has posted some snippets for conditionally loading Foundation scripts and links in both the header and footer. Personally, I don’t think this is the best way to provide support for IE8. The use of two frameworks instantly increases load times, markup bloat, and the time required to edit/maintain the site. I wouldn’t recommend this method.

Foundation Topbar IE8 Fix

tmayr on Github This tiny code snippet fixes many issues with F4 Topbar functionality and presentation. To put this snippet it to use, wrap your IE8 specific stylesheet in some conditional comments. This makes use of Modernizr’s class naming. Nice and simple.

IE8 Grid for Foundation 4

hatefulcrawdad on Github Another code snippet, this time it is to fix IE8 rendering issues with F4 Block Grids. Simply copy and paste into your IE8 specific stylesheet. The comments in particular for this Gist are really helpful; great discussion.

Foundation IE Grid & Topbar Support

Nighteyes on Foundation Community The post might be german but the code snippet fixes many issues with IE8 and F4 Grids and Topbar. Like the others, just copy and paste this into your IE8 conditional style sheet. Translated Version.

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