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Making End-Grain Cutting Boards

24 Apr 2017 — Woodworking as a hobby is a nice compliment to web development. I find the tacile nature of woodworking refreshing after working with conceptual and abstract thinking while programming for a living. Nothing like working with something┬áreal. This pa…

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Simple SVG Pie Charts

19 Apr 2017 — You've got a percentage value and you need a simple pie chart output; SVGs and a bit of JavaScript to the rescue. SVG support is pretty widespread these days and is only going to get better. Disclaimer: I am have a fine arts background and math is…

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Wood Working for Developers

07 Jan 2017 — After a long day of slugging ones and zeros, it's nice to relax with some wood working (not to mention the badass results you can get). Over the past couple months I have been able to dig into wood working more. https://twitter.com/mcfarlan/status/8…

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