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26 Sep 2014 — A little experiment I created that solves a simple question - Did the Leafs lose? The answer: DidTheLeafsLose.com. Currently, it updates scores every fifteen minutes. Ideally, I'd like to speed this up overtime and bring in more data than just score…

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Foundation 4 & IE8

13 Aug 2013 — Zurb is no longer providing IE8 support with Foundation. Generally this is good news - signs of a changing browser landscape. However, some sites have a readership comprised mainly by IE8 users. Updating or building a site for an audience that is lik…

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Smoothing CSS3 Animations

10 Jul 2011 — I posted this tweet while working on a project that involved heavy CSS3 animations. When creating simple animation that only impacts a small element, I found you could usually get away with a simple 2D based transform value. https://twitter.com/mcfa…

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